Plastic Ink Containers


Printing Inks and related products.

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty, Injection-molded commercial/industrial plastic ink containers

provide better structural integrity and chemical resistance.

  • The thick wall construction provides additional barrier protection for UV and

Standard (solvent-based) inks.

  • Now practical for the same plastic ink container to be used for the UV and

Standard inks.

  • High levels of black color concentrate used in the molding process of the

plastic ink containers block UV light from curing the ink contents and increase


  • Eliminate problems associated with denting and rust caused by water-based UV inks.

  • 4 oz to 2 lb Commercial / Industrial plastic ink containers offer a variety of sizes.

  • 5 lb and 6 lb Straight wall Slipcover ink containers offer the traditional Commercial / Industrial ink can design and are easy to stack.

  • 5 lb and 10 lb High Impact resistant Tapered Plastic Commercial / Industrial plastic ink containers have a unique snap-on design that resist coming off even when dropped from heights of 5 ft.

Sizes & Specifications

Product Options


Black HDPE*
*16 oz, 32 oz Straight Walled and 10 lb Tapered are also available in white.



Plastic Ink Containers

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